2017 Secure Advance Ticket Order Form

Special four-day advance tickets are available through advance order only and must be postmarked no later than July 1, 2017.

The $75 four-day advance ticket includes round-trip shuttle bus rides from all shuttle bus locations Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

$55 four-day advance ticket does not include shuttle bus rides.


4-Day Advance Ticket (Admission to all events listed below) x $55 (Campers Must Purchase Camper's tickets) Camping Secure Order Form
4-Day Advance Ticket With Shuttle Bus Ride From All Shuttle Locations (Admission to all events listed below) x $75
Thursday (4 PM - 11 PM)                                                 x $15
            Picnic & Opening Ceremony
Friday Day & Friday Night Concert (9 am - 11PM)                                  x $20
Friday (6 - 11 PM)  Friday Night Concert                           x $15
Saturday (8 AM - 11PM)  Professional Competition & Saturday Night Concert
  x $30
Saturday Night Concert (6:30 - 11:00 PM) x $15
Sunday (8 am - 4 PM)                                                       x $15
            Worship Service, Parade of Tartan, Children's

     CHILD (5-12)
       4-Day Advanced Ticket (Admission to all events listed below) x $20
       4-Day Advanced Ticket (Admission to all events listed below plus shuttle bus ride from all shuttle locations) x $30
       Thursday - Picnic & Opening Ceremony                         x $5  
       Friday Preliminaries & Friday Night Concert                     x $5  

       Friday Night Concert                                   x $5  
       Saturday - Professional Competition & Saturday Night Concert  x $5 
       Saturday Night Concert (6:30 - 11:00 PM)   x $5
       Sunday  (8 AM - 4 PM)                                                            x $5  

                   Worship Service,  Parade of Tartan,
                   Children's Events




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A few days after you order you should receive a confirmation e-mail from GMHG Staff.